About Us

Feng Shui Builders is owned and operated by finish carpenter and visionary George Provencal and feng shui practitioner and teacher Katina Provencal. Feng Shui Builders was founded in 2013 with a dream to combine the building process and intentions of feng shui to offer our clients a complete package. Our homes are built to support the goals of its occupants as well as energizing them at the end of the day. We design the home to match their goals for the future and their family. We build to fit in with the environment. And, we decorate with intention to represent those goals and a bright and prosperous future.

Our Vision

We provide a vital center for building and designing with feng shui where people are inspired to employ timeless concepts and techniques, empowering themselves to thrive in contemporary times. Our spaces seed lives with the benefits of improved health, harmony, clarity and prosperity as well as developing and enhancing one's spiritual awareness.

Our Mission

  • Build a dynamic environment of inspired living.
  • Build homes that support and energize its occupants.
  • Employ the principles of feng shui and related services that align the right space for each individual client.
  • Model the principles of environmental consciousness, sustainability, health, prosperity, intention, harmony, clarity and balanced living.
About Us